Global Travel Destinations and Travel Disease Risks

Global Travel Destination List

Travel Destinations List

A list of global travel destinations which have a history of travel health disease prevalance is shown below. Click on the country you plan to visit for details on the typical travel disease risks associated with that travel destination, and the corresponding common vaccination recommendations.

If your travel destination is not shown, that country has no major historical prevalence or chronic problem with travel-related diseases. However, that country may be affected by a temporary outbreak of a travel disease or travel health issue. Please check the Travel Health Warnings and Global Travel Disease Alerts page for more information about any current travel disease outbreaks that may be occurring in your travel destination.

In addition to the typical or endemic disease pattern information presented on the pages in this section, remember to check the Global Travel Alerts and Travel Health Advisories page for the latest information on any current outbreaks that may be occurring in your travel destination.

While the travel health information presented on these pages is valuable for initial exploratory research, a consultation with a travel health professional can give you personalized travel disease and travel vaccination information to provide you with optimum travel health protection. To that end, we strongly recommend booking a travel vaccination consultation appointment with a travel doctor at your nearest travel medicine clinic. That's why we've made it so easy to do just that. In two simple steps, you can book your travel vaccination appointment at your nearest travel clinic: just type in your postal code to find your nearest travel vaccination clinic, and click a link to book a travel health consultation appointment with one of their friendly and knowledgeable travel medicine professionals.

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