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Travel Warnings for Canadians

The latest Global Health Travel Advisories and Travel Notices are shown below.

Similar to US State Department Travel Warnings and US State Department Travel Advisories, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Public Health Agency of Canada publish and maintain public notices of caution to travelers, but from a public health perspective. We have consolidated these public health advisories and travel alerts from these agencies and present them here for your convenience.

This up-to-date listing of the current Medical Travel Health Alerts, Current Global Travel Health Notices, Travel Health Advisories and Travel Warnings allows you to stay informed about current potential travel health problems in your destination, prompting you to take the recommended precautions when planning your trip. Please take a minute to review this list before you reach for your passport to ensure you are adequately prepared for travel to your destination with travel health vaccinations or other travel safety precautions.

Each Travel Advisory is marked by a colour corresponding to a Travel Health Alert Level. Please refer to the Travel Alert Level Key below for more information.

This current list of Medical Travel Health Warnings and Alerts is consolidated with the latest Travel Health information for your convenience from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC). If you wish to view more detailed information, clicking on each Travel Alert listed below will open a new window to the issuing site for further details on that Travel Advisory.

This page is updated daily, so check back often to stay abreast of the latest developments in travel health safety related to your travel destination.

Global Travel Health Warning Alert Level Key

Level 1: Watch. Practice Usual Travel Health Precautions. Reports of sporadic cases. Usual or slightly increased risk.
Level 2: Alert. Practice Special or Enhanced Precautions. Limited outbreak or change in existing disease patterns. Increased risk.
Level 3: Avoid all non-essential travel. Large-scale outbreak in a large geographic area. High risk.
Level 4: Avoid all travel to the area. Outbreak expanding; inadequate containment measures. Very high risk.
Alert List last updated: Feb 21, 2024
DateTypeTravel Alert DescriptionLevelSource
2/20/2024 New Mpox (monkeypox): Advice for travellers 2 PHAC
2/19/2024 New Dengue: Advice for travellers 1 PHAC
2/16/2024 Updated Diphtheria in Nigeria 2 CDC
2/16/2024 Updated Dengue in Africa and the Middle East 1 CDC
2/9/2024 New Dengue in Asia and the Pacific Islands 1 CDC
2/9/2024 New Dengue in the Americas 1 CDC
2/8/2024 New Chikungunya in Timor-Leste 2 CDC
2/8/2024 New Western Equine Encephalitis Virus in South America 1 CDC
2/7/2024 New Lunar New Year 1 PHAC
2/6/2024 New Oropouche Fever in Brazil 1 CDC
1/5/2024 New Global Polio 2 CDC
1/4/2024 New Polio: Advice for travellers 2 PHAC
12/21/2023 New Diphtheria in Niger 2 CDC
12/20/2023 New Avian influenza 1 PHAC
12/11/2023 New Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever in Mexico 1 CDC
12/7/2023 New Diphtheria in Guinea 2 CDC
12/7/2023 New Mpox in the Democratic Republic of the Congo 2 CDC
11/28/2023 New Diphtheria: Advice for travellers 1 PHAC
11/20/2023 New Global Measles 1 CDC
11/9/2023 New Chikungunya in Burkina Faso 2 CDC
8/31/2023 New Extensively drug-resistant typhoid in Pakistan 1 PHAC
8/31/2023 New COVID-19 and International Travel 1 PHAC
8/31/2023 New Global Measles Notice 1 PHAC
8/31/2023 New Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) in Saudi Arabia 1 PHAC
8/31/2023 New Zika virus: Advice for travellers 2 PHAC
6/16/2023 New XDR Typhoid Fever in Pakistan 1 CDC
9/8/2022 New Salmonella Newport in Mexico 1 CDC
5/4/2022 New Yellow Fever in Nigeria 2 CDC