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Book your Travel Vaccination Appointment When Submitting your Passport Application

A good time to think about travel vaccinations or booking an appointment with a travel clinic is when you are obtaining passports by submitting passport applications. Effective long term immunization against communicable or infectious diseases sometimes takes as long as it takes to obtain your passport following a passport application. This is due to the number of doses a vaccine may require, or the amount of time required between vaccine doses to establish maximum immunity against the travel disease.

So, once you have decided on your travel destination, two to three months before you go travel, it is recommended to consult a medical travel professional at your nearest travel health clinic. Some vaccines against contagious diseases including Polio and Hepatitis require multiple doses over weeks or months for maximum protection, so consulting a travel medicine professional well before your trip allows enough time for a full course of vaccines to be administered according to the recommended immunization schedule for each vaccine.